Will You Outlive Your Retirement?

  • No: A guaranteed income for life from an annuity provides the ultimate security.
  • ¬†Yes: You know you don’t have enough. We need to re-strategize.
  • I don’t Know: The worst answer, typically the real answer here is yes but you will miss your chance to re-strategize. Time is your greatest asset here. Don’t lose it.


This annuity contract earns a stated interest rate (fixed interest rate) offered by the insurance company. Alternatively, the interest rate may be calculated in a manner specified in the annuity contract. No matter how the interest rate is calculated, the investor knows exactly what the future returns or income stream the annuity contract will produce because the applicable rates are set at the time of purchase and never change.
Simply stated, fixed annuities are guaranteed lifetime income. Those planning for retirement are facing difficult times after the sting of stock market losses, reduced or canceled dividend payouts, and financial market uncertainty affecting corporate and government bonds. A guaranteed lifetime income is a secure, guaranteed, and smart investment for your money.
Fixed Indexed Annuities
This is an offshoot of a fixed annuity where the interest rate is based on an outside index such as a stock market index like the S&P 500 or the Dow Industrial Index. The annuity pays a base return rate, such as 3%, but the returns may be higher if the index returns greater than the base return rate.
A Fixed Indexed Annuity guarantees a minimum interest rate if held to the end of the surrender term and protects against a loss of principal. This is a smart choice for an annuity, and returns may be higher than fixed instruments such as CDs, money market accounts, and bonds. Fixed Indexed Annuities are insured by the State Guarantee Fund which is similar to the insurance provided by the FDIC.
Saving for retirement is one of the greatest financial challenges facing Americans today. Company pension plans are a thing of the past, Social Security faces a questionable future, and 401(k) and IRA plans have maximum contribution levels that could limit your savings. With an annuity, you can benefit from tax-deferred savings and ensure that you have a guaranteed income in retirement.

Do you know how much money you will need in retirement? Have you considered what could happen if you outlive your retirement savings?

No matter how well you plan, factors like inflation, tax hikes and increased medical expenses can potentially eat away at your retirement savings, forcing you to suffer a lower quality of life or rely on your family for financial support in your golden years. An annuity can help you avoid a future dilemma and safeguard your financial security by providing you with guaranteed income throughout retirement. In fact, you can structure an annuity to pay you for the rest of your life, even if you live to be 100. You can also use annuities to transfer wealth to the next generation while avoiding probate.
The best part? There are no monthly premiums, and your annuity is guaranteed to never lose money. For a free annuity quote and personalized help with your retirement planning, simply fill out the form on the right. Our highly trained annuity specialists are happy to explain the options available to you, and help you find the right annuity to fit your income needs.

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