InteliOne Financial Partners

InteliOne Financial Partners enjoy the benefits of belonging to the largest Senior Marketing organization in the insurance industry. Financial advice and consultancy services are key drivers for Partner success.

Proprietary product design and distribution opportunities are crucial in today’s market landscape. Partners can use our comprehensive sales and marketing systems backed by world-class support to grow their business.

You put a lot of time and effort into running your agency. If you’re like most of our partners, you have worn many hats including: Finance, IT, HR, Compliance, and Marketing. InteliOne empowers you to focus on fine-tuning your agency’s operations while we handle all the other tedious tasks. We work with you in an organic way so that you get the best from your entire management team. We help our Partners with proven systems to increase profitability.

Insurance Carrier Partners

Our partnership approach with insurance companies has redefined the market. We help insurance companies enter the Mortgage Protection and Senior Market from start to finish. We assist with market research, product design and development, underwriting and actuarial support, creative design and marketing, reinsurance partnerships, policy administration, agent recruitment systems and proven sales distribution that exceeds expectations. We focus on ensuring that our products work for our insurance carrier partners first and foremost so that the products have good longevity and profitability in the market.