Mortgage Protection


When a homeowner passes away, they want to be sure that in addition to any life insurance coverage they may have (designed to replace their lost income for the benefit of the surviving spouse and children,) that the single largest expense most families will ever have, that being their mortgage, can be paid off to guarantee that their loved ones will always have a roof over their heads. This is where Mortgage Protection comes in.

IntelOne generates Mortgage Protection leads… requests for protection… from homeowners throughout the country. These are people who had a moment where they realized that they needed to have this important protection, and then proceeded to fill out and mail back a letter asking for help with this need.

Every day, thousands of letters are sent to new home owners letting them know that they may qualify for this protection without the need of a medical exam. Agents then visit the homes of those that return the request for coverage and enroll them in a program.

Mortgage Protection is generally provided using a specialized level term life insurance policy that can be enhanced with a variety of riders and options that match a client’s needs and budget. For example, clients can choose a Return of Premium option that gives them back every penny of their premium payments at the end of the term, tax-free, if they haven’t used the policy.

IntelOne has relationships with a number of A-rated life insurance carriers that provide mortgage protection products. These affordable policies also carry excellent commission rates and provide an outstanding income opportunity for both veteran agents as well as brand new agents just starting their insurance careers. Combined with IntelOne exclusive sales system, training, support and outstanding lead generation capabilities, Mortgage Protection offers an extraordinary opportunity for agents to achieve financial success in this business, plus it opens the door to many ancillary and repeat sales that help make a client… a client for life.