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IntelOne Financial Partners agents can buy leads at a discount from one of our preferred lead vendors below. We have options for direct mail leads, internet leads, or telemarketing leads.

Need-A-Lead has several mail programs including per 1000 and Per lead at a special IntelOne cost of $385. Per leads are $35.00 each and can be mailed to selected zip codes. They mail Final Expense, Annuity, Long-Term Care, Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement, and Turning 65.

Call or email Cheryl Jones at, or call (800) 253-1432 for more information and to order leads.

Exclusive, direct mail leads for Med Supp, Final Expense, Annuity, Estate Planning and Mortgage Protection.

Call today at (800) 992-2722 or click below to see catalog!

Order today and start receiving leads in an average of 13 business days!

To Place Your Order go to –

Call today at (800) 723-5254 or email for more info!

Lead Generation Programs for Annuities, Final Expense & Medicare Supplement

Call Toll-Free 888-KramerDirect (888-572-6373) for your

IntelOne discount. Ask to speak to Crystal Jackson.


Call today at (866) 540-6797 for your IntelOne discount or email for more info! 

EXCLUSIVE Final Expense Leads.  We use live telemarketers!  3-5 day turnaround times in most markets. Every lead has verified contact info and a full recording.

Lead prices as low as $16 per lead.  Minimum order 20. 

Look out for specials, for less exspensive leads.

Lead portal to make ordering and lead delivery simple:

If you do not have access, contact your manger.

Datalot has a platform that turns consurmers insurance request into live calls for agents. Datalot makes no outbound calls to genreate intrest. Consumers have contacted and they are looking for insrance quotes in real time. There are no contracts and your accounts are refundable if live calls arent for you.

Call or email Jean Jone at or call (561-404-8039) for more information and to order leads. Tell her you are with IntelOne Financial Partners.