5 Tips to Educate Your Clients on the Benefits of Life Insurance

No one wants to think about death. There are so many things in our lives that we value, or things that we haven’t yet done that we assume we still have time for. Unfortunately however, death is a reality, and we need to be prepared just in case. Here are some tips to help your clients think about the benefits of life insurance.

1. Use Math to Inspire Thinking. Numbers can inspire thinking, but run-of-the-mill statistics aren’t the way to go. Quoting the number of people that die each year, or even each day is not a relatable statistic. Use real numbers instead, such as how much a funeral could cost the client’s family using statements from a local funeral home, or ask them how much money would actually continue coming in if their family lost their income. Would their spouse make enough or would they have to pick up another job? This makes the numbers seem much more relatable.

2. Stories Are Powerful. Telling a specific story can put an idea into focus. Tell a story about a family you’ve heard about that was either helped by a life insurance payout or put into hardship by the lack of it. If you don’t know one, look for a story from someone else. There are plenty of these stories around, so there is absolutely no need to make one up. A real story will ring far truer than a false attempt.

3. Relate to Family. The reason that many people get life insurance is to protect their family, so help them think about that concept. Talk to them about life insurance with their family in the room. Ask them to talk about their kids and what they do for them. This will automatically trigger the parental protection portion of their brain, and life insurance will no longer be a decision about them, but about their loved ones.

4. Talk About Death. Death is a difficult topic, but it is a necessary one when discussing life insurance. Ask the client about the last funeral they attended and how the family is doing now. Talk about recent surprising deaths, whether of a community member or a celebrity. This kind of discussion isn’t terribly morbid, yet still gently presents the reminder that we’re all going to die, and we should just be prepared for it in case it happens in a way that we don’t expect.

5. Remember Insurance is More Than a Cliché. “Peace of mind” is a common cliché associated with life insurance that has lost its meaning. Instead, remember that life insurance may be the only insurance they buy. Remember what you’re ultimately selling: protection for families.


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